Lens Flare Help Me!

2010-03-08 17:01:30 by killingtree

Hey guys so I was wonder if anyone knew of a "how to make a lens flare" tutorial or had some hints or things to do when making one. I gotta an animation due in a couple of days and a lens flare would be the cherry for sure. Help me out PLOX!


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2010-03-08 17:23:32

no a lens flare would not be the cherry.
Thanks to over use in the past 20 years, the lens flare is one of the most obnoxious things that exist. Who ever your teacher is, if he was you using a lens flare, it should be an automatic fail.
Ask any professional. they'll tell you the same.

killingtree responds:

damn bro you sound like you got a 6 foot pole up your ass. thanks though ill keep that in mind.